Filtered MX Backup


PineApp filtered MX record backup service is designed for companies with an existing Spam Firewall or for companies who need a backup store-and-forward service for their email if their Internet connection or server was to fail.

What a lot of people don't know is that spammers can send spam to the Backup MX record in an attempt to bypass any spam filtering.  Most companies that use filtering only filter the primary and not the backup.  By using our Filtered MX Backup service, this prevents spammers from bypassing filtering and also takes an additional load of spam from your primary mail filter.

If your Internet connection goes down or your server fails, the Backup MX records that are pointing to our servers take over and can hold email up to 48 hours.  When your system is back to full functionality, all email that was sent will start to flow in automatically.

If you currently already use our Mail Filtering Service, the Filtered MX Backup is already included in the price.