Email Filtering


We have been utilizing the PineApp Mail-SeCure™ email filtering system for the past few years with amazing success. We spent over a year researching different spam filtering solutions and found that the PineApp was the best solution for our customers. So far, we have over 20 clients ranging from less than 10 users to over 100 users.

Mail-SeCure™ - a leading email security appliance that protects organizations of up to 10,000 mail users from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats. Mail-SeCure provides a buffer between the internet and the organization's email systems, using a full pack of perimeter security layers. Mail-SeCure inspects all email traffic and protects the organization's network from known and emerging threats, such as viruses & new-age virus outbreaks, worms and trojan-horses. This is done by using a five layer anti-virus system and an eleven layer multi-technology anti-spam / anti-phishing system. This system makes sure that at least 98% of all spam and phishing is blocked, keeping the false positive ratio as low as possible. Furthermore, Mail-SeCure has proven technology to fight emerging image-based spam (also known as Spam 2.0) and a unique mechanism that detects backscatter (non-legit bounce-back messages) and blocks it.

In order to protect against false positives and false negatives, we can set up each user with an account on our system so that they can receive a daily report of all incoming email that has passed through our system. This gives the user the ability to release a needed email message from the quarantine and also add that sender's email address to a white-list. An Administrator at your location can be setup to maintain the user list, manage the quarantine, run reports on the filtering of your domain, and add email addresses on the fly to the white and black lists.


Features Include

Anti-Virus Engines PineApp Propriety Heuristic Worm Detection Engine
  F-Secure® Orion - Heuristic-Based
  F-Secure® Libra - Signature-Based
  Kaspersky® AVP - Heuristic and Signature-Based
  Zero-Hour™ Outbreak Detection
Anti-Spam Engines Zombie Detection & IP Reputation System
  External and Internal RBL Lookups
  NextGen Greylisting
  Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™)
  Image Analysis Engine
  Bayesian Statistical Engine
  Heuristic Engine with over 2,500 rules
  URL, Telephone & Email Database
  Domain to IP conversion (SURBL)
  Honey Pots with Real-Time Database Update
  SPF and DomainKeys Support
  Mail-Bombing Protection
  IP Rate Limit
  DoES (Denial of Email Service) Resilience
  Syntax Verifications
End-user interface Daily Reports sent at 7:00am and at 4:00pm
  Personal and Domain Black and White lists
  Personal and Domain Quarantine Management
  Email-based Interface for Users Daily Report
  Domain-based Interface