Personal Computers


As an Authorized Reseller of Dell and Lenovo, we represent the best computer equipment in the market.


From home computers to enterprise solutions, we provide the local touch, backed by a world-class company.

Whether you need a new laptop, desktop, or any other type of hardware, we’ve got you covered.

No idea where to begin? Our trained professionals can assess your technology needs and offer practical solutions. By assessing your specific needs, your new machine will come installed with the software you need and not all of the extra junk you don't want. Our relationship doesn't end there. Our certified service technicians can assist with troubleshooting new software installations or anything else that comes your way. Let us know what you need.

We can also provide you with Sales and Support of Apple Products.


Removal of viruses, worms, trojans and malware

Despite reasonable precautions being taken it is still possible for your PC’s or network to become infected with a range of things from viruses malware.

These can seriously damage your pc’s, infect others and if “mass mailers” take hold, damage your companies image by sending out tens of thousands of “spam” emails from your computers. This can result in your company being blacklisted by the internet providers and stop legitimate emails from ever getting through. This is often crippling for a small business. We can remove these for you and help to stop some of the anxiety of such an event happening again by installing a modern and up to date antivirus system on your network.

  • Virus, worm, malware, spyware and adware removal.
  • Mass mailer removal
  • Option of new anti-virus/anti-malware software installation.
  • Option of anti-virus/anti-malware software maintenance.
  • Protection of your companies’ assets with greater security.