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Hosted Voice-Over-IP

High-Performance, No-Maintenance Hosted Voice-over-IP Solution to give your Business a Competitive Edge.

ECR Hosted VoIP delivers more functionality than any traditional phone systems without the costs of owning, managing, and maintaining costly equipment. Our hosted VoIP phone system allows companies to streamline their communication systems.

Hosted Voice-over-IP Features

  • Hosted Call Center Solutions
  • Predictive Dialer and SMS
  • Smartphone iPad | Tablet Apps
  • Soft Reception Console
  • IP Fax Solutions
  • Virtual Office Attendant
  • Web Meeting with Video
  • CRM | MS Outlook Integration
  • Easy to use Web Portals
  • Voicemail to Email with Transcription
  • Call Accounting and Call Recording
  • Disaster Recovery Built-in.
  • Powerful and Cost-effective!

Low Monthly Cost

No need to spend 10s of thousands of dollars to purchase a PBX System, and then hire another person to manage and setup the system. The average cost of ownership of a PBX system is a minimum of 50K over a period of 2 years. That's why it's always advisable to go for Hosted Solution and pay a fraction of the total cost as a monthly service.

Get advanced PBX features

We stay on the top of technology and get you the latest and greatest from VoIP technology. You can always expect more from VoIP professionals dealing with the technology every day vs your own dedicated/shared staff.

No need to hire a PBX system administrator

We will manage the PBX system for you. You don’t need to hire or train your staff to set up, install, and manage the system for you. All you need to have is a manager with the authority to create new accounts and extensions on the system. We take care of system maintenance, backup, and everything you need to keep your telephone system working.

100% Scalable, it grows with your business needs.

You buy a system for 10 users, business grows and now you need a system for 100 users or more. No worries, we can expand the system and get the power you need to handle more traffic.

Easy to learn and use

Our hosted solution is very easy to manage using the web interface. You can manage new accounts and extensions, from the office, home or airport.

Security and Reliability

Great power comes with great responsibility and we are all equipped to take that responsibility and keep your system safe and secure. The System is Geo-Redundant with Hot Standby with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.


ECR Hosted VoIP and UCaaS has been designed to optimize your success by delivering a comprehensive set of business-class end-user features in a platform that is easy to use and easy to manage.

The ECR VoIP platform allows you to seize the growing market for cloud communications services with confidence, knowing that the underlying platform is built with best-of-breed components and is backed by experienced industry veterans who know what it takes to deliver enterprise-class business solutions.

Robust Features.   ECR takes full advantage of the SIP network architecture to deliver a comprehensive set of Class 5 and IP-Centrex calling features in a format that is flexible, efficient, and future-friendly.     Rest assured that your platform is future proof – as technology and markets continue to evolve, new features will be added as application servers that are managed by the platform’s robust SIP Session Control stack.

Scalability.  As a fully managed service, ECR lets you focus on your business without the pain that typically accompanies growth. Whether you have a handful of customers or thousands, ECR will deliver the same rock-solid performance, day in and day out.

Reliability.  Our seasoned management team knows what it’s like to lose sleep because of network downtime, and we don’t like it any more than you do. As a result, with have engineered reliability into every aspect of our network and offer 99.999 service level guarantees for all mission-critical functions.

Redundancy.   The ECR platform is a geographically redundant infrastructure-as-a-service offering that is delivered from InterNAP’s industry-leading colocation facilities in New York, Dallas, and Las Vegas.   When you combine InterNAP’s route optimizing P-NAP technology with our seamless failover using active-active application servers, our network architecture guarantees the highest uptime levels possible.

Pricing.   Our per seat pricing allows you to pay-as-you-grow with no capital expenses and linear, predictable operating expenses.

ReachUC Softphone App

  • ReachUC Mobility works on all your devices: Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.
  • Easy to use interface. Make and receive calls just like your SmartPhone.
  • SMS and Picture Messages just like your Cell Phone. Use your Business number and no need to give out your personal telephone number. Can you phone app, desktop app, or web browser.
  • Simultaneous ring on your office and cell phone.
  • FREE download from APP Store and Google Play.
  • Switch calls from app to desk to mobile on the fly .
  • Standard - This is the free, basic version of RUC that will be available at no additional charge to user seats. It is meant to be a better alternative to generic mobile SIP clients, such as Bria or Zoiper. The standard version does not include Web/Desktop App, Outbound SMS, and does not include UCaaS features such as Presence Panel / Company Directory.
  • Premium - This is the premium version of RUC with all UCaaS features. This adds all the additional features including SMS/MMS messaging, Presence Panel / Company Directory, Call Through (GSM), Callback  (to GSM), Set PBX Answering Rules, Fax (sending only), Use of Desktop Apps. In addition, there are Click-to-Dial plugins for Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome.
  • Integrations - Additional features can be added such as CRM Integration for Caller Preview, Contact Popping, Contact Searching, Activity Logging, and Click-to-Dial.

For more information on ReachUC, visit

We offer a range of Grandstream phones including a variety of options. From Desktop Phones for wired and wireless all supporting Bluetooth connectivity and Cordless options using DECT or Wi-Fi.

Why do we use Grandstream Phones?

  • Affordable, easy to use, value-added, and versatile for many applications.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), host of telephony features, SIP accounts, QoS, open standards compatible.
  • Excellent audio and video qualities, real-time web applications, and automated phone book synchronization.

We can even customize the Interface on the desk phones with customized wallpaper with company logo and custom line keys for Paging, Presence, etc.

We also have Intercom/Paging options that will interface with existing paging systems or installing Grandstream’s SIP speakers that support wired and wireless.


Call Center Solutions

Our call center solutions have been developed to deliver the highest quality hosted call center experience to small and medium-sized businesses without significant upfront capital investment. Call centers are configured and managed through a browser-based portal providing end-users direct access to advanced, real-time reporting on a wide range of metrics. With easy access and visibility into the performance of their organization, supervisors can monitor their call center queues and manage call flow at a glance using the statistics grid found on the portal home screen.


Call Center for Restaurants

This solution is also ideal and a cheaper alternative for restaurants with a high demand for take-out orders.  Instead of adding additional lines, you can use our call center solutions to place customers in the queue.  This will increase your ability to serve your customers.

What’s even better is that you can use cordless phones which helps a lot in the limited space of most restaurants back area.


Some of the benefits.

  • Integrated self-service IVR capabilities.
  • Integrated voice recording.
  • Choice of agent deployment options with soft clients, IP phones, or cordless phones.
  • Flexible and intelligent routing and handling of calls.

We can even record custom greetings and setup music on hold. If you have audio advertisements, we can upload those as well or even splice them into music. We have a selection of royalty-free music options.


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