About Us


We are committed to developing the latest technology solutions that maximize client capabilities and growth capacity without compromising reliability and security. With our vast experience providing Information Technology solutions, we are familiar with how clients are taken advantage of in the market place by those who really mean no true harm, but are out to make a living and unfortunately are selling or promoting products or solutions that are not what they appear to be. Our belief is that the client is always in charge and there are no excuses for poor results. Protecting our client’s interests is what we believe in! Successful results from a positive relationship between us and our clients. Listening and understanding our client’s needs is a tradition with us. Above all else, we value the clients trust and confidence.

In real estate, location is most important. In a computer dependent business, service and stability must be a top priority.

Businesses that depend on computers need a computer company they can depend on. ECR prides itself on having the best service and support available.


Our services include:

  • Desktop sales and support. We support both Windows and Mac based PC’s and notebooks.
  • Printer and Plotter sales and service.  We can work on many models from different manufacturers.
  • Network Engineering Services.  We can provide discovery, consulting, design, implementation, maintenance and support services for a wide range of network configurations.
  • Premise Cabling.  We can install and maintain all types of network cabling technologies in any type of building construction or campus.
  • Managed Services.  We provide web & email hosting solutions, email filtering, Microsoft Exchange hosting, disaster recovery services, 24x7 monitoring, alerting and reporting.
  • Consulting.  If you have grown large enough to bring in your own IT staff, we can provide help in finding the right professional to fit your needs.