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Disaster Recovery Solutions

A disaster recovery strategy is crucial in ensuring the health of a business. Cyber attacks, natural disasters, human error, and malicious actors are recurring problems facing the IT landscape. Having a robust and comprehensive strategy will guarantee that your organization continues to operate unaffected. Safeguard your business, today.

No one wants to deal with the impact downtime can have on your business or the negative effect losing crucial data can impose. Ensuring you have a solid disaster recovery solution is integral to business continuity and delivering on your service promise to staff, stakeholders, and customers alike.

ECR’s backup and disaster recovery solutions will help you to meet compliance requirements while offering you the peace of mind that should an issue arise, your downtime will be short and the impact, minimal.

We have partnered with multiple companies to provide tailored Disaster Recovery Solutions. From Direct-to-Cloud for single-server/station backup to Enterprise-class solutions. We have a solution that will fit your needs.

Allow your staff to manage your disaster recovery or we can manage your disaster recovery for you. Either way, our disaster recovery solutions are flexible and offer the ultimate in data protection and recovery.

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