ECR is a recognized leader in Information Technology resources in Southwest Georgia and North Florida. Specializing in solutions for consumers, commercial businesses, educational and governmental institutions. We have over 80+ years combined experience in the Information Technology industry. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and cost-effective IT solutions and support for our clients. We serve more than 200 businesses in the North Florida and Southwest Georgia area in more than twenty industry markets.


"Serving North Florida & Southwest Georgia for more than 20 years"


We can provide a wide variety of expertise in many areas.We have partnerships with many companies to maintain the best solutions to offer our clients. 

We are committed to developing the latest technology solutions that maximize client capabilities and growth capacity without compromising reliability and security. With our vast experience providing Information Technology solutions, we are familiar with how clients are taken advantage of in the market place by those who really mean no true harm, but are out to make a living and unfortunately are selling or promoting products or solutions that are not what they appear to be. Our belief is that the client is always in charge and there are no excuses for poor results. Protecting our client’s interests is what we believe in! Successful results from a positive relationship between us and our clients. Listening and understanding our client’s needs is a tradition with us. Above all else, we value the clients trust and confidence.



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